by The Ape Collective

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This basicly the Album that follows the EP called Agents..
is from our band... uhhh...
This the music. ...herp.


released April 15, 2012

Neopithecus Munch(Luke K.), Ω, Red Aura, Kristin Rudess, Dimitris Radis



all rights reserved


The Ape Collective Αθήνα, Greece


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Track Name: A.I - Dark Age : Neptic - Hesychastic
Track Name: A.II - Dark Age : Ass Netch
Before, start, deepen, before, start, disconnect, words, meaning, unlearn, element
my name, my heritage, Comsology

My aspect that did or did not match your own

Listen, you and me, deep inside

(we will be having this conversation right now
try to think us as the same matter, i know you dont
...but at least try)

(incoherent speech)
Track Name: A.III - Dark Age : Hermeneutic

The malevolence of the system is obvious
when observing every fragment of this system apart.
You ask "why are all these fragments so venomous?" and this is correct.
How could it be not? (an answer as obvious as the observation)
all the fragments will be required to pass every law,
but how do you persue them rebels of either good or evil,
to stand by a decision so obscure?
well, you do not...

What you can do, is to gather all the easy targets around you,
set them up to form an army of equal needs, and give them plenty of power.
Easy targets; Never think of the helpless citizens(they are not as easy as one might think)
Easy, are those people that meet the following 2 conditions:
A) they seek recognition
B) They have breed or been breed in a fawlty enviroment.
And they have at least one skeleton in their closet
They are easy to extort, and they would do anything to achiever their goals.
And you will always have the upper hand.

(Incoherent Humming)
Track Name: B.I - Shadow & Substance : Dur J'Aibub
Please advise the holy bible of the politics, and double speech
page 19 paragraph 4: Three things to keep a nation together;
but not as much to revolt, and overthrow
and no less than to sustain, and to hypnotise...
Three things that you should never disobey... your God...

my god, my country, my constitution

and before them i expose the final shiny coil
in witch i am, entagled in....

(Terror. Pg. 27: For those times that everything else fails)
Track Name: B.II - Shadow & Substance : Measure Horse

1st rule: Citizens are always right
Rule number 2: Never ever EVER, appear as the fauly one.
Do what ever you must to persuade for the opposite.
A good politician, will never admit his mistakes
and will never forfeit to do otherwise by his superiors
The actios to stand political ground will be defined by the urgency of the situation
Today we shall speak about the most sophisticated method of persuation in the modern ear


Terror can be unfold, in either physical, or verbal forms.
Physical such as bombing attacks, assassinations, forest fire
assassination, forest fires, urban arson, mostlty provocative means,
widely known as inside jobs.
blind "anarchy", ghostly :extremism"

Verbal terror can come easily when backed up by certain contitution regulations:
Bankrupsy, chaos and confusion, incertainty, impending unemployment
are only a few very distinct examples.

Physical terror should maintain political infuence
and provide some sort-term benefits, but its verbal terror, also known as "veil"
that we will examine this lesson, and more specificaly

"Measure Implementation"

(Inconherent gulturrals)
Track Name: B.III - Shadow & Substance : élite

(We are freedom excect us we dont come in peace)

(Inconherent turkey song)
Track Name: C.I - Earth As Elisa : Chaos One / Random
Retarded / boring
Track Name: C.II - Earth As Elisa : Chaos Two / Defined

Evolution through copulation and mutilation

And satisfy, both the body and the mind
mind, mutilation to share and to survive
and to bath in blood
and to brag about it.

Love and lean by her chest, and listen to the beat of the heart
Tough let the lust flow through cells and veins
Feed you people taste the meat and sweet wine
then SCREM your heart out
hide your fear behind glacier eyes

But is that all?
Track Name: C.IV - Earth As Elisa : You

So i asume there's a piece we miss
(a sixth sence maybe?)

this part of your evolution that makes you human being.

a sence so pure as a fist stuck behind your head

so why do you ask for friendly kick,to ignite the flame ,

to start the engine?
Track Name: D - Crucible (pt1)
Open your eyes, look at me again
can you open your mind? Can you see what I have here?
I can change I... I can change your life
I can change... I can change who you are

How beautiful this is! χ 3

how beautiful you are

close your eyes
close your heart
tell me what you see
tell me what you feel.

I have the power, I have the knowleadge
I control you, all of you, all of you...
I have the power, I can change your life
I have


I know more than you do
I know how to change your past and mine too.
I can contril your life x 2
I can change who you are
Track Name: D - Crucible (pt2)
I am nature I can control you!
I dont need to appologise!
I dont owe anything - you owe me

Im not paying for your bullshit - Im not paying for your villes
I will see you suffer some time.
I will, i promise you this. This day: as I lay in front of you,
naked and almost dead.

Down with the bastards and the pests!
your heart is crippled in your chest!
with-out - doubt - or regrets!

Years bettwen they played you as toys
and you accepted it - accepted it as "God"
open your eyes, fool
Track Name: E. Novelty
Track Name: D II. - Crucible : Particle (digital version bonus)